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Donald A. Hagelberg

San Francisco Bay Area
Don grew up in Berkeley, California. He picketed motion-picture house-chains which practiced “Jim Crow.”
On November, 22, 1963, the day on which President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, Don walked out of his Induction Physical and was tried, found guilty of draft evasion, and served 1964-1965 in a Federal Prison for refusing the Draft.
In 1974 he created, produced and hosted "Live Poets," a two-hour radio program broadcast weekly on a listener-supported Bay Area station.
As a founding member of the Bay Area Poets' Coalition [BAPC], he supported the organization in its members' guerrilla poetry readings on BART's rapid transit trains.
He celebrated his 35th year in recovery.
As a Moravian he works for Social Justice.
He is a Social Democrat.